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Register Event Details

This page is for LARP Organisers who want to publicise their events. LARPBook offers 5 methods to help you get the word out

  1. Register the event on this page and we will list it in LARPBook as quickly as we can
  2. Post the event details into the Facebook LARPBook Group
  3. Post details or a link of the Facebook LARPBook Page
  4. Send us a message or link via Twitter
  5. Post about it on our SubReddit

If you post event details on any of our social media platforms we will also place it on this website for you.


 Event Registration Form

5 thoughts on “Register Event Details

  1. (hello. could i register our next parhelion event with yourselves. details below )

    Parhelion is a new fantasy system with a daring dash of steampunk.

    event will run from 30th August 2013 to 1st September 2013.

    It is being run as a mini fest system and is a self catering, camping weekend at Bregastow LRP Site, NR Luton

    The event costs £45 plus for the weekend, discounts are available

    Character generation and payment details on the website.

    Find out more at:

    1. Yes of course – I’ll get it on the site immediately.
      If you send me a picture / logo etc I’ll put that on the post for you

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