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The LARPBook podcast is a semi regular show about all things LARP. Our aim is to produce something that is entertaining, hopefully funny that also manages to introduce views, opinions and information about LARP on a world wide basis.

To Watch Live

The show is broadcast live on as it records. Anyone can watch and if you interact with us via chat on Twitch we will talk to you.

Our Twitch Address is:

To Stream or Download the Podcast

We’ve made the podcast available from a number of sources to stream or download from. Here’s the list.

Just search for LARPBook




To Subscribe To The Podcast

You can subscribe to LARPBook by searching for it on iTunes or any popular Podcatcher.

If you need our feed then the RSS Feed for the LARPBook Podcast is:

Watch The Video

The video version of our show is available on our YouTube Channel at:


Show Notes

All 2016 Show Notes

The 2015 Show Note Archive


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